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ATTENTION to ALL who enjoy the outdoor environments, particularly salt water fishing!

implore you to please take a moment to read the following information.  

My name is Neil Shelley, and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have lived in South Florida for over 60 years. My wife, Deborah and I enjoy reef and deep sea fishing, not only in South Florida, but in The Bahamas as well. In my 60 years I have seen a lot of change, both positive and negative for South Florida and the Bahamas. The environment has suffered as a result of urban growth and development and is faced with many challenges. We, as responsible citizens, need to take action to rectify these problems. One challenge that is particularly disturbing to one who loves and respects the ocean as I do, is what I believe to be the worst environmental disaster ever. It is my mission to educate and make everyone aware of the worst eco-killer ever. From the beautiful waters of the Eastern Atlantic, from Maryland to Florida as well as the Everglades, the Gulf of Mexico, into the entire Bahamas and south to the Southern Caribbean basin, the waters are under siege. Who is this culprit...?  The leader of this disastrous invasion is a fish that rarely grows any larger than 18 inches and never weighs more than 4 pounds, this DANGEROUS INVADER is the absolutely beautiful, LIONFISH.